The NEW efficient way to process your silage!

For a better quality of chopped silage and the maximum value ou of your feed.  Save fuel, or gain capacity with less power using the new style processor - the Super Cracker.

Standard Roller Processor

Usable Surface Area: 600mm (24")

Work Width: 100%

Super Cracker

Usable Surface Area: 1620mm (65")

Work Width: 270%


Standard Roller Processor

Up to 40% roller speed difference

Poor Feed Flow

Higher Power Requirements

Super Cracker

Same Rotation Speed

Improved Feed Flow

Lower Power Requirements

Proven Benefits of the Super Cracker System:

  • Save power and fuel, or cut more tons/acres per hour.
  • Cracks all kernals up to 100% open into multiple pieces, also at longer cut
  • Discs are replaceable one by one. Replace a disc - not a complete roller!
  • High shredding effect makes a rougher structure of whole plant pieces
  • Better feed = more milk $ in your tank, or better growh on your beef cattle
  • Available for most self propelled forage harvesters

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